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Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Jessore

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Jessore Board
The principal function of the Board is to improve the standard of education and its extension, to give recognition and renewal of secondary schools and Intermediate colleges and establish new secondary schools and Intermediate colleges to register students of Secondary and Higher secondary levels to conduct two public examinations named S.S.C & H.S.C, to issue marksheet/academic transcript and Certificates. To sanction Scholarship as per quota of the Government. Along with educational activities the Board has been conducting the extension of co curricular activities such as- development of sports scouting girls’ guide etc. To conduct the above mentioned activities the Board has Administration and establishment section. Accounts, audit, store, supervision, commonservice , school recognition section, College recognition section. Academic section, S.S.C& H.S.C examination sections, Confidential and certificate sections. All the sections are run by the officers concerned. The Board conducts all its activities to achieve its aims and objectives.

BISE,- Jessore is an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Education. It conducts all the activities with its own income. The sources of income of the Board are registration fees of schools and colleges, registration fees of the students, examination fees, fees for the permission of opening subjects departments, fees for provisional certificates, fees for duplicate and triplicate of certificates, fees for translated certificates etc, Along with the functions of the Board, it gives monetary assistance to different projects conducted by the Ministry of Education. It also sanctions money to different educational institutions for purchasing books and for the development of the playground and for purchasing sports goods and laboratory equipment’s. Moreover, it gives financial assistance to the persons who get wounded or killed during the supervision work public examinations conducted by the Board.

In the past years the Board took and performed many development projects such as a 7 stayed Administrative building, 315 KVA electric substation, boundary wall and shopping complex, deep tubule and water supply lines. For the development of the standard of education, the Board has taken a project of establishing a Residential Model school and college on its own land which has been approved by the Ministry of Education and it is under construction.

The process of preparing results has been computerized since 1994 . Under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education of the Government of the peoples Republic of Bangladesh computer cells of all the Boards are being conducted in Dhaka.

B.I.S.E- Jessore is successful in conducting examinations and publishing the results of the examinations in due time, moreover, this Board has started computerizing the process of registration of the examinees since 1997. This organization hasbeen issuing computerized certificates to the successful examinees. Now statistics is being processed here through computer correctly with in a short time.

The fees realized for games and sports are distributed among schools and colleges under the Board for arranging games and sports at Upazilla,subzone and national levels. Games and sports of H.S.C levels are arranged under the direct supervision of the Board. It sanctions finance to different schools and colleges for scouting and Girls guide. Besides it gives scholarship to the successful brilliant students as per Government quota. The Board has been arranging seminars and workshops in order to resist copying in the public examinations. As a result, over all academic atmosphere has been awfully developed. To accelerate activities of the Board computer has been introduced in different sections. Meanwhile internet has been introduced here. To remove illegal occupation, “ Environment garden” has been made in front of the Board.

Now the Board has been conducting the activities of giving primary and temporary recognition of junior schools, approving regular committees. It has been conferred the power of registration of K.G. schools.

For improving academic activities, conducting fair examination, giving recognition of schools and colleges, giving permission of opening subjects and departments, the Inspectors of schools and colleges pay visits to different institution regularly.

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