Ministry of Education

Intermediate and Secondary Education Boards, Bangladesh

The website of the Education Board Bangladesh, Ministry of Education, the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, can be browsed with all available commercial browsers on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh platform. Some of them are mentioned below with their version:
Internet Explore - version 6 and 5.
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Opera - version 8
Netscape Navigator - version 6
For best viewing, we recommend 1024x768 resolutions for your monitor. You can also view with 800x600 resolutions.
This website feature layers and JavaScript only. There is no java applet or animation, so no extra plugging required.
As most visitor don not have high-speed line, this website can be accessed with low-speed connection and has caching ability to speed-up the browsing.
For any wrong or error request, proper instruction is available. The website has also maximum protection against harmful codes and viruses.
If you have problem with browsing the website, please contact the webmaster for further suggestion.
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