Ministry of Education

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Comilla

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Rules of Business
1. To start a new school or college, application must be submitted to the board four months before the commencement of academic year defined by government.
2. Fees of the board have to be submitted in favor of Secretary of board through C.D. of Sonali Bank, B.I.S.E. Comilla Branch or Demand Draft of any other branch of Sonali Bank. No other mode of payment is accepted.
3. Attempts have to be taken to form new managing committee/governing body before expiration date of managing committee/governing body and have to be submitted to board within the scheduled time for approval.
(a) Age of student for enrollment in class IX is at least 12 (Twelve) years.
(b) Any student successfully completing class VIII from any approved school can enroll in class IX.
(c) Generally direct (First) enrollment in class IX is not permissible. But if anybody can show the certificate of Headmaster of the relevant school that he or she has acquired the knowledge equivalent to class VIII, can be enrolled in class IX within the 31st March of the academic year with the special consideration and prior permission of the education board.
5. Age of student for appearing in the S.S.C. Examination is at least 14 (Fourteen) years on 1st March of the year of examination.
6. Student above 18 (Eighteen) years old cannot study in class IX and student above 19 (Nineteen) years old cannot study in class X.
7. There is no age limit for studying in Higher Secondary level and for appearing in the Higher Secondary Examination.
8. It is possible to appear in the H.S.C. Examination as an irregular (Private) examinee three years after passing the S.S.C. Examination.
9. If any student, passed from foreign system is willing to enroll in class XI of any approved college of Bangladesh, has to take prior permission from the Inspector of Colleges of the board.
10. If any student passed from foreign institute (board, university) is willing to enroll in class XI of any approved college of Bangladesh has to apply for equivalency of his acquired degree in the board.
11. For opening any new subject in any school/college, taking prior permission from the concerned department of the board is necessary.
12. Rules for passing in the examination:
(a) Result is published based on G.P.A. (Grade Point Average).
(b) Anybody passing in all subjects with G.P.A. 1.0 is considered passed. Highest G.P.A. is 5.0.
(c) Individual subject grade and grade point shown below:
Letter Grade Range of Marks Grade Point
A+ 80-100 5.00
A 70-79 4.00
A- 60-69 3.50
B 50-59 3.00
C 40-49 2.00
D 33-39 1.00
F 00-32 0.00
13. An irregular (Private) examinee will not be able to take the subjects which have practical and sessional examinations
14. Correction of Errors in Registration Card and Admit Card: A student has to fill-up the O.M.R. readable SIF (Student Information Form) correctly after getting admitted into class IX and XI. Then he has the option to correct any errors scrutinizing the printout copy. No application for change will be accepted after delivery of registration card and admit card.
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