Ministry of Education

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Barisal

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The activities of Barisal Education Board are as follows:
a) To conduct the activities relating to registration of the students of class IX and XI.
b) To hold SSC Examination and to publish results and later on Mark sheets (Academic Transcripts) and certificates.
c) To hold HSC Examination and to publish result and later on Mark sheets (Academic Transcripts) and Certificates.
d) To give permission to establish schools of junior and secondary level and to permit for teaching and after a definite period of time if the institution fulfil the conditions for affiliation, then this institution being affiliated.
e) To give permission for admitting the students to the secondary school & Higher secondary schools/colleges and after wards affiliation is given if terms & conditions are fulfilled.
f) To approve Managing committee & Governing body.
g) To renew the affiliation of schools & colleges.
h) Monetary assistance is given after justifying the standard and quality of the schools & colleges and symposium are held.
i) Various instructive  symposium are held.
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